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Fingerprint Machine 201
Fingerprint Machine 201
Fingerprint Machine 201
Slim Turnstile RS 716-1F_RS Security Co.,Ltd

1.Unit size:86*86*25mm

2..Color: black

3.Operation Temperature : 0℃-45℃

4.Operation Humidity:20-60%

5.Fingerprint recognition time:< 1.5s

6.False Rejection Rate:< 0.01%

Fingerprint Machine 201
slim turnstile RS 716-1F

Fingerprint Machine(Fingerprint Access Controller)

RS 200 is an ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and Wi-Fi, which offers unparalleled performance with advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. RS 200 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and RS Security Co.,Ltd high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor.

RS 200 provides a superior touching experience with touch keypad, and offers flexibility for standalone installation or with any third-party access control panel that supports standard wiegand signal. TCP/IP, RS485 and Wi-Fi are also available that the device can be used in different networks.

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Fingerprint Machine(Fingerprint Access Controller)

1, a variety of ways to open the door:

Fingerprint open the door: directly through the fingerprint verification open the door

Credit card open the door: Directly by brush ID / IC card verification open the door

Fingerprint or credit card to open the door: either alone through the fingerprint verification door can be opened individually by credit card verification

Fingerprint encryption password to open the door: fingerprint and password must be verified before they can open the door

Fingerprint plus credit card to open the door: Fingerprints and cards must be verified before they can open the door

Fingerprint plus credit card plus password: must fingerprint, card and password at the same time verify before you can open the door

Fingerprint or credit card or password: Fingerprint, card and password any of three kinds of authentication can be opened alone

2, remote open the door: You can realize the function of remote access control through the software background

3, real-time monitoring capabilities: real-time monitoring of the software through the back door staff situation

4, time group management: one day, you can set up to 6 effective open the door time period. At the same time can also set the week logo, a week can specify the daily passage of time.

5, holiday access control period: During the holidays, you can set a difference from the usual time period for access control.

6, IP reset function: Device IP settings confusion, can not connect the case, you can reset the reset button IP

7, with the function: attendance function, online patrol function.

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1,  Unit size:86*86*25mm

2, the screen: 2.4-inch color screen

3, fingerprint identification time: <1.5s

4, rejection rate: <0.01%

5, false recognition rate: <0.0001%

6, communication: TCP / IP & 485

7, fingerprint capacity: 1000/3000 pieces matching

8, card capacity: 1000/3000 Zhang (non-standard)

9, password capacity: 1000/3000

10, control the number of doors: 1

11, External card reader: can be an external fingerprint reader or a dedicated Wiegand reader, and can output a group of Wiegand signals as a read head

12, external switch: 1

13, support for reader protocol: multiple protocol interfaces, including the manufacturer's internal agreement, and the market is not compatible with other protocols; and Universal Wiegand 26 protocol

14, reader to the controller's distance: 100 meters, it is recommended within 80 meters

15, supporting software: fingerprint access control management software 1.3

16, support for the database: access and sql

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Q: How is the company's strength?

A: 3 factories, 1 office building, 6 domestic agent points, 1 foreign agent point, 30 research and development team, 180 employees.

What are your production equipment?

Laser cutter machine,impact molding machine,polishing&grinding machine,filament drawing


Q: How is the quality of the company's products?

Industry quality is the most cost-effective. The product case is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and has a thickness of 2.0mm . In 2014, our turnstile passed CE, SGS, FCC, Rohs and many other certifications, 2018, our turnstile Gate,hydraulic bollard,road blocker has passed ISO9001 certification.

Q: How is your price?

Our price is the most cost-effective in the security product, the price is absolutely satisfactory, the pure stainless steel lock is used at the connection between the brake lever and the turntable.Head welding, tripod turnstile and full height turnstile with built-in hydraulic damping for reduced noise. We also have a unique essence Welding, fine grinding on both sides of the process.

Q: How long is your product warranty?

5 years (calibre) free warranty service

3 years cost maintenance service

Lifetime free technical support service

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Face Recognition Turnstile RS 716-1F

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